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Lower Keys Fine Woodworking offers custom-made skiffs in the old-Florida tradition. From a basic, unfinished hull that you may finish yourself, all the way to a complete, custom-fishing machine with a custom-trailer and gas in the tank.


Lower Keys Fine Woodworking will build you a skiff that guarantees to be a real head-turner on the flats or at your yacht club. Break away from the stamped-out, store-bought, run-of-the-mill fiberglass boats and treat yourself to a piece of traditional craftsmanship by having a skiff built just for you.


A  variety of options are available from poling platforms to glass-bottom view panels, center consoles, tiller steering: the list goes on and is limited only by your imagination.


Our skiffs are 100% epoxy-coated and feature fiberglass over wood with kevlar-coated keels. Entire kevlar bottoms are available. These skiffs are made for fishing in the south, and each is hand-made over the course of months and hundreds of hours, one at a time.  Most importantly, they offer a lifetime of durabilty and FUN! 

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