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The Boat


Unlike store-bought, stamped-out fiberglass boats, our boat, "Any Tide,"  is a custom- made solid juniper skiff with glass-bottom view panels. "Any Tide" is the only glass-bottom skiff in the world and is very fast and shallow-drafting--it will literally run in inches of water.


Built in the tradition of the North Carolinian sports-fishing boats, it is run by strong, dependable, quiet, and environmentally-friendly Suzuki outboard power. Because of its unique, shallow-water running capabilities and custom design, it allows passengers to experience fishing and scenery unavailable to all others in the lower keys!


As our boat is very fast, you don't spend all day "getting there and back." There is plenty of time for fishing and enjoying the beautiful scenery and wildlife of the islands. The glass-bottom view panels  significantly enhance the excursions, offering a look into the wide ocean without getting wet. The boat features hard chines; a very sharp, slicing, bow entry; and high sides--making for a dry, stable, and comfortable ride. There is a poling platform for that added view and wide gunnels. It is very stable at anchor. "Any Tide" features a genuine old-Florida tradition and style toward adventure.


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